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IRS Tax Credits & CPS Energy Solar Rebates

IRS Tax Credit Extension

Congress recently extended the 30% IRS tax credit until 2019.  This credit is available to both commercial and residential solar installation customers.  Deduct 30% of the overall system cost from your taxes.  This incentive will not be around forever.  The credit amount will start to dwindle in the year 2020.  A step down effect will begin starting at 26%.  The following year the credit will be at 22%.  In 2022 the credit will no longer be available for homeowners.  Only business owners will benefit from a 10% deduction.  Do not wait until the last minute to make the switch.  The time to go green is now. 

CPS Solar Rebates

San Antonio, Texas solar is booming.  It is no wonder that residents are installing solar panels all over.  CPS Energy has a great rebate program.  Combine the Federal tax credit with local CPS incentives and save up to 50%.  Earn $.80 per PPW produced by your installation.  The average home consumes an estimated 11,000 Kwh.  This translates to an estimated $6000 rebate.  CPS rebates are running low.  Funds are depleting quickly.

Commercial Tax Incentives

Texas business owners who install solar panels are eligible for additional solar incentives. Deduct 10% of your solar system cost from your Texas state franchise taxes. Texas business tax code requires any LLC or corporation to pay franchise tax for income in excess of $300,000. Install a solar panel system for your business and save money. San Antonio, Texas residential and commercial customers alike have many reasons to go solar. Tax credits combined with local incentives makes it affordable for just about everyone to go solar. Solar is a logical choice for long term sustainability. It is economically affordable and environmentally friendly. Call one of our representatives at 210-987-7954 for information about solar tax credits and incentives.

Solar Installation Savings Cost Example With Rebates

System Size  Price Per Kw Gross Cost Local Rebate 30% IRS Tax Credit Total System Costs
7 Kw $3.85 $26,950 $3,766 $6,955 $16,229
*IRS Tax credit is computed after applying rebates.

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