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San Antonio Solar FAQ

What is net-metering

Net metering allows business and homeowners the ability to produce electricity. This electricity produced is then sold back to back to the grid. The process is done through the electric company. CPS Energy has a net metering system in place. Produce enough electricity to cover your costs and CPS will credit your account. CPS net metering customers can offset up to 100% of their monthly electric bill. Look at sample bill for more information.

Can I finance my solar system?

The answer is yes. We work with one of the nation’s largest solar lending providers. Customers only need a 650 credit score to qualify. This lender does NOT look at income to debt ratio as others may. Homeowners with a 650 minimum credit score are instantly approved. Simply provide your name, date of birth and address. Our lending partner does the rest.

How does solar financing affect my credit?

Our special solar lending program does not affect your credit. You can continue to plan for future purchases without any worry. This is not structured like a typical home improvement loan. The purpose of the loan is to replace your current electric bill. Savings starts the day your solar system is powered on.

What type of payment terms are available?

Qualified customers can choose upto 20-years to pay off their loan. Interest rates are fixed at 5.99%.
Pay your loan off early without any penalties.
Add a few more dollars to your bill and pay your note sooner.

How much money do I need to get started?

Absolutely nothing. You do not need a dime. Our lending partner specializes in solar loans. This is NOT like purchasing an alarm system or even a car loan. There is no need for any kind of down payment of any sort.

Can I afford to do this?

Yes 100%. You will start to see savings the day your solar panels are working. The savings are almost instant. The cost of financing solar panels is less than what you are paying CPS. Can you not afford to do this is the question to be asking.

Can I lock in my electricity rates now with solar panels?

Yes you can. The cost of electricity is going to be on the constant rise. Electric costs will continue to rise in conjunction with labor markets and other factors. It is impossible for CPS not to have a need to raise their rates in the future.
Never pay a dime above your financed purchase price with solar panels. Interest rates are fixed.

What happens if a hail storm damages my solar panels?

Homeowners insurance will cover it. Solar panels are manufactured to withstand golf ball sized hail falling at 90 mph. Yet, it is impossible to design anything that is 100% hail proof. Mother nature is not predictable. We do our utmost best to install superior quality equipment. A 100% hail proof solar panel does not exist.

What happens if my equipment fails due to a manufacturing or installation problem?

You will be covered under our 100% panel to panel solar warranty for the lifetime of your equipment. Never worry about having to replace panels, inverters or any equipment that fails. Our warranty program covers your system for a lifetime.

Do you guarantee production performance.

Yes. We guarantee production performance 100% from the time you purchase your system. An inspection will occur every year after the third year your system is installed. We will compare your system’s actual performance against our original promise. A check will be sent to you for any differences that may occur.

How do we know your company will even be around to service our warranty?

We represent a very large financial conglomerate that specializes in solar. This Texas owned company is backed by over $1 billion in assets. It is their mission to help home and business owners make the transition.

Can the homeowners association prevent me from installing solar panels?

No. Texas law forbids homeowner associations from restricting the installation of solar panels. House Bill 362 was enacted in 2011 to prevent any HOA from stopping any solar project. Our company will provide the HOA with all the necessary documentation needed.

Does CPS Energy still have rebates?

Yes. There is still rebate money available to the public. This money is running out very fast. It is first come, first serve. Rebates are calculated at around $.80 per ppw. This still adds up to thousands of dollars in savings. Do not wait until rebate money is no longer to make your move.

What about IRS tax credits, are they still around?

The IRS 30% tax credit has been extended until the year 2019. The amount will begin to decline after that. In 2022 the tax credit will no longer be available to homeowners. Claim your 30% tax credit using tax form 5695.
Click here for the form.

How long does it take to install once we have been approved?

The installation process can take around 45 to 60 days. We must submit engineering documents with CPS prior to any install. Approval can take some time, depending upon the workload at CPS. We must also submit HOA documents.
We are on a first come first serve basis.
The actual installation time is about 2 days once all submittals have been approved.

Do solar panels require lots of maintenance?

No. Solar panels are almost maintenance free. A solar panel is made from silicon. The same type of technology used to make computer chips. There are no moving parts inside the panel. Wash your panels every so often with water and a scrub brush. Rain does a good job naturally. San Antonio is not without yearly rainfall.

Do clouds affect my ability to produce power?

Not at all. Cloudy days do not cause your panels to produce less power. UV light travels through clouds very easily. San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas receive more than enough sunlight each year.
We are ranked one of the top solar producing cities in the nation.

What happens if I need to fix my roof and solar panels are already installed?

This is not a complicated issue. It should not cost more than about $1000 for the roofing contractor to remove the panels. Re installing the panels is a simple process as well. All the wiring should remain in place. Any licensed electrical contractor should be able to reconnect for a reasonable fee.

What happens if there is a blackout in my neighborhood.

Your home will remain without power. Grid tied solar is designed to work with the grid, not independently. Power lines must remain without any charge during a blackout. Solar power would be going to the grid at the same time.
This would put the lives of repair crews in great danger. The answer must remain no due to this factor.