Finance Your Next Solar Project 100%. We Provide Low Interest & No Money Down Finance Options.

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Solar Financing Available From Qualified Lending Partners

Installing a solar panel system in your home or business should not break the bank. No need to outlay any cash whatsoever. 100% financing is available for qualified applicants. We are qualified by different lending partners who specialize in solar loans. Low interest rates, no money down and 20-year terms are available. A minimum 650 credit score is needed to qualify. Applicants should have an income to debt ratio of no more than 55%. Interest rates will vary based upon customer credit. 5.99% is available for those with a good credit rating. Check with one of our representatives for more information.


No money down makes it easy for just about anyone to install a solar panel system. There are no upfront costs when you finance through one of our lenders. No need to write a check for a down payment of any kind. Your payments will not begin until the system is installed and working properly. San antonio, Texas residents are eligible to apply at anytime. Finance your next solar project for up to 20 years. Long terms financing allows customers to make a monthly payment. This payment in conjunction with any CPS connection fees are less than what you are currently paying. Make larger payments each month and pay your loan sooner. No need to worry about any penalties. Solar financing is flexible. Solar financing is simple. Call one of our representatives to schedule an appointment. Fill out application. Wait for instant approval (in most cases). Fund your project. Solar financing should not be complicated. is qualified by a variety of lending partners who specialize in solar financing. Call 210-987-7954 and schedule a meeting with one of our solar consultants.

10 Year Financical Position with 5 kW Solar Power