Residential Solar Panels For The San Antonio Metroplex Area

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Solar Options Available From gives you choices when it comes to your solar panel system. Options are available from everything to solar panel size and installation. Not every customers needs are going to be the same. Product upgrades such as more efficient solar panels, solar monitoring and ground mount installations are available. We offer more efficient solar panels for customers who need them. Not every panel produces the exact amount of wattage. Higher rated panels produce more power. There are situations when a panel upgrade may be a wise choice. More efficient panels produce more power. Therefore, less panels are needed. Property owners with a smaller roof who consume more power may opt towards a more efficient panel. We offer panel sizes such as:

Canadian Solar 310 watt

Canadian Solar 315 watt

Solar World 320

Solar World 325

Solar World 345

Montior Your Power Production In Real Time

Monitor the production of your solar panels 24 hours a day. Solar monitoring systems are available as an upgrade. Online monitoring allows customers to check system performance on the fly. Reports detailing solar output are available. 24/7 solar monitoring systems allow the user to monitor their investment. Monitor solar output as it is being produced in real time. Check with a representative for more information. Solar panels are not required to be installed on a roof. It is possible to mount the panels on posts in the ground. This installation configuration is known as a ground mount. Commercial and residential property owners with allowable space may seek this option. Large solar panel arrays are sometimes installed in this fashion.

Solar Options Available